Town Coffee Corner - Your connection to the world of organic loose leaf teas and single source organic coffeesI would like to tell you a little bit about my business and why I started it. I started Town Coffee Corner in 2016. I had dreamed of opening my own business for many years. I wanted to offer high quality specialty coffee and unique loose leaf tea blends. That dream is the result of my own fond memories of my grandmother and me enjoying morning tea in her summer bungalow. Since then I have always been comforted by a warm cup of tea. As an adult I continue to enjoy the ceremony of preparing and sharing coffee and teas with my family and friends.  When I decided to open my business I sought out expert coffee roasters and master tea blenders to provide my products. I wanted to share all these things with others: memories, comfort, special occasions and the product of experts. Town Coffee Corner proudly offers high quality specialty coffees and fine organic loose leaf teas.

Diane Sherman

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