Our Story

Town Coffee Corner - Your connection to the world of organic loose leaf teas and single source organic coffeesI would like to tell you a little bit about my business and why I started it. I started Town Coffee Corner in 2016. I had dreamed of opening my own business for many years. I wanted to offer high quality specialty coffee and unique loose leaf tea blends. That dream is the result of my own fond memories of my grandmother and me enjoying morning tea in her summer bungalow. Since then I have always been comforted by a warm cup of tea. As an adult I continue to enjoy the ceremony of preparing and sharing coffee and teas with my family and friends. When I decided to open my business I sought out expert coffee roasters and master tea blenders to provide my products. I wanted to share all these things with others: memories, comfort, special occasions and the product of experts. Town Coffee Corner proudly offers high quality specialty coffees and fine organic loose leaf teas.

Town Coffee Corner - Your connection to the world of organic loose leaf teas and single source organic coffees


Although all of our products are selected for their quality, Town Coffee Corner also offers coffee and tea that carry nationally and internationally recognized certifications. Many of our coffee beans are certified organic when they come from our roasters.  All of our tea blends are certified organic and naturally flavored from our master tea blenders.   The USDA organic designation certifies that products have been grown using methods that integrate cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Synthetic fertilizers, irradiation and genetic engineering as well as other methods of production may NOT be used.  In addition to organic certification, we also offer from our roasters selected fair trade certified whole coffee beans.

Our products:

Our values are in the products that we sell; natural and healthy products,  fairness, sustainability, and social responsibility.  Town Coffee Corner offers select whole bean coffee from our roasters certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA, the leading third party organization for fair trade certification. This certification assures you that the coffee was produced under rigorous social, environmental and economic standards.  Our coffee and tea are delicious and you can be proud to serve them to family and friends.

Products of experts;

All of our roasted whole bean coffee selections have been expertly roasted by roast masters with at least 8 years of experience and some as many as 25 years of roasting experience. Each roast master develops his or her own flavor profile for their coffees according to their experience roasting beans from that particular country of origin.  We only select roasted beans that we think represent the best roasting style that balances the original flavor and aroma of the bean with that brought about by the roasting style. We bring their freshly roasted whole coffee beans to you.  Our unique tea selections are blended by master tea blenders with at least 20 years of experience and we are constantly looking for new and exciting products from a new generation of roast masters and master tea blenders. We are especially careful to deliver the freshest product with our stay (always) fresh resealable bags.